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Need help with a crashed SHR

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I have a crashed RAID 5 made up of 6x6TB discs on an HP Proliant MicroServer and using Xponology 5.1. A few days ago we had a street wide power outage. When my server box rebooted, something happened. I didn't notice until later. Disc 1 failed and the RAID went into degraded mode. I started a repair, which I calculated was going to take 16 hours for the first step. No idea for the second part it does. We were gone for the weekend, so I just let the repair run while we were away. When we got back, disc 1 was found but not initialized, so I initialized it, but as soon as that finished, disc 3 crashed.

Now, disc 3 is showing crashed and disc 1 as initialized but no longer part of the volume so the whole array is crashed. Is there a way to get disc 1 back in to the volume so I can copy off data before redoing the whole setup (testing the drives, et al). With 2 discs not in the volume, it's crashed. with only 1 missing, it should be degraded and I can still access it. I am not being given the option to "manage" the volume in the Storage Manager.

I'm also wondering if it's possible to clone disc 3 and use the cloned disc in the server to get the RAID array back. is this possible? Thanks for any help

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I've used Macrium reflect to successfully clone a disk from an array, but was the same make/model of disk to the original (to avoid sector differences) but success will depend on the amount of bad sectors I think. 

also if you reboot you might be lucky and dsm will reassemble the array with disk 3, but still degraded as disk 1 is missing, but it might give you the chance to backup your data, dont do a file check if offered it


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