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Reinstall diskstation without losing data?

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I have some big problem with my diskstation.

Everything was working great until today. 

I dont know what happened but I cant open diskstation anymore it directly opens web assistant.

I am on latest DSM and Jun's loader 1.02b.

When I try to boot in reinstall mode I get this warning from the picture.

Dont know what to do now.

Can anyone help?

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 12.39.27.png

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Try @polanskiman's tutorial on accessing data partitions and check your raid is ok - and take a backup

A process that has worked for me to recover a failed system is;

1) Disconnect your raid HDDs

2) Connect a spare HDD to sata channel 1

3) Create a 'clean install' of DSM on the spare HDD and update to the same update packs as your live system, create user account and p/w to match, Dont create a volume. Power off.

4) Reconnect your raid HDDs leaving the 'clean install' disk connected to channel 1 and restart

5) Login to DSM and you should see your data volume degraded with failed system partitions - repair them from from the clean HDD.

6) Power off, disconnect clean HDD and reconnect your raid drives to sata 1-n

You may need to install packages and reset other settings

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Thank you for your reply.

I have solved the problem with another solution because I have seen your replay later.

Started normal boot with Junes loader 1.02b and then clicked install with synology assistant. No data was erased, only DSM was reinstalled.

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