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disk order/numbers on baremetal


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Hi, i have an issue/something strange with my hp gen 8 microserver

that server has a 4 porth bay, but if you setup the bios into ahci legaci mode, you can use the 5th ODD port, so i setup that port to first boot device, so i can attach an SSD to it


so i install xpenology fine on that ODD port with SSD (synology 5.2 , and usb stick method) , my 4 bay ports are empty at this stage


so the first wizard of xpenology, tells me that its going to install and format on DISK 3 ? really strange, since there is only 1 disk present

but setup finish succesfully, afterwards i can perfect boot the xpenogy


so i put in my 4 drives, but then xpenology doesnt boot anymore, seems DISK 3 , that number is being replace with another drive, and my SSD is now DISK 5 at this stage

therefor the setup is now corrupt


is there a way when i do the clean install, i tell the setup, that the SSD drive is already number 5 or something like that?


thnx in advance

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