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QNAP x69 - XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.1 build 2668++


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Hi Andy, guys… Compliments for your work

viewtopic.php?f=2&t=41 start on Qnap TS-669pro :smile:


last night I have trasfer image on usb key (Maxell usb key 2GB) I have launched synology assistant .. installed DSM...pat. !

Boot Synology_2


I signal this after a few hours of test, I have to make greater tests to verify everything to signal you possible others anomalous (I hope of no)



XPEnology boot on only 60/90 second ! :grin:

More possibility of front end/configuration


Problem: :sad:

1: UPS APC don’t works (via usb or IP)

2: The mac address change from original

3: The configuration Network view 4 NIC

4: The number bay is not coherent: The bay 1 for is 7, the bay 2 is 8, …. The bay 6 is 12… Anyway work nice

5: The fan’s is not controlled..

6: Display LCD don’t work (not big problem)



Do you have ideas / suggestions to improve the situation?



For my preference I have unplug the DOM from motherboard - and I have connected cable with door usb where I have inserted Maxell usb key 2GB (In this way the key is interior case ) Anyway the key work also from external usb.. :smile:

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