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Port Mapping after upgrade form 5.2 to 6.1.3


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Hey all,


Just updated from 5.2 to 6.1.3, (using 1.02b bootloader, DS3617xs ) and all is well with the exception of one drive's port now being mapped as an esata drive. 


I have two SATA 6.0 ports on my mobo ( ASRock H81M-ITX ) and an IT-mode LSI 9211-8i, giving me 10 total ports. There is one actual esata port on the board, but i don't think it's a factor, nor am i using it.


Slot 8 of the LSI card is being seen as an esata or external drive that shows in the "info" tab in the GUI. (At least it was slot 8 in 5.2)


I've attempted the following tries in the SataPortMap in the grub.cfg: 1, 28, 48, 84, 82. None of these have made any changes, (not even the order of the drives) that's noticeable.


Ive also swapped the drive out in that slot, and the new drive was seen as esata as well.


Also, previously, the drive order, under 5.2, i saw the LSI slots listed numerically first, then the onboard sata, and now those are reversed as well. where i have the two sata first.


I have 12 slots listed in storage manager, 1 and 2, are the sata drives, and starting on "6" it goes to "12" where my LSI drives are. I would think i would simply have 1-10 like i did in DSM 5.2, but i guess there were some changes.


Anyone have any thoughts on what i could be missing here? Any parameters i haven't met?








Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 2.34.37 PM.png

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So disabled my Esata port via Bios on the mobo, and got my drive back.


What confuses me is how this drive was recognized as esata in the "info pane".


My initial though was this slot was being pushed to essentially a slot "13" which wasn't visible. killing off the actual esata port would support that theory, as it's freed up, but what confuses me is how this drive was recognized as esata in the "info pane" originally.


Still, i can't for the life of me figure out how two ports on the board, and 8 on the SAS card = slots 3+4 being "dead" to DSM.


Would definitely rather see a clean 1-10, instead of 1-2, and 5-12.


Appreciate any insight from anyone, and awesome job in these forums.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 5.03.40 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 5.03.45 PM.png

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Several potential things

The enumeration of the onboard/add on controller on the PCI bus, you could check that in the bios boot order or dmesg and moving the controller card to another slot might change it again.

If you check your onboard sata chipset it might have 4 channels but only two are enabled on the board but the xpe drivers are seeing all 4

I dont think the sataportmap makes any difference in your setup and might cause more problems so leave it at default if everything is working ok (albeit with two ghost slots)


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Hey man,


I would agree, i was thinking although i only have 2 onboard sata, the chipset called for potentially four.


My mobo (ASRock H81M-ITX) is an ITX board, so there's only one PCI-E slot....no switching it around others.


I guess with what I'm left with is the classic "well it worked the way i wanted it until i upgraded it", but i can live with the two blank slots.


The only thing I'm still on, is that in 5.2, it ordered the SAS card first (slots 1-8), THEN the sata ports( slots 9-10).


In 6.1, that's reversed, and no changes were made to the motherboard, bios, or SAS card.


Anything in your knowledge in the synoinfo.conf where the order could be changed? (i was just in there adding SHR support back as well)


Thanks again,




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As far as I know there are not any settings in synoinfo.conf to force drives into a specific order (there are lots of posts where people have found that the drive order in DSM does not relate to SAS/SATA port numbering)

Every build I've done of XPE/DSM 5/6 always has the onboard SATA as drives 1-n and add on controllers appear as n+1>n+x, so I've not seen your 5.2 situation personally. It might be due to the order the modules/drivers for 5.2 were loaded compared to how they are in 6? You could check that with a 5.2 test build and look at the drives enumeration.

One thing to check might be the serial port config and your device IRQ allocations- if serial  was disabled in 5.2 but you have enabled it in 6, that might have rearranged the IRQ/PCI order. Disable unnecessary devices, parallel, sound etc might make a difference too.

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