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You just need a dynamic dns provider. If you go to your Synology UI and to to Control Panel -> External Access, on the DDNS tab, click Add and drop down the Service provider selector to see a list of the ones Synology natively supports. Many have free tiers of service that allow you to register 1, 2 or 3 domain names to your external IP.


So then the external WAN IP of your router becomes your IP address, but you will use the new domain name, say "mylovely.ddns.host". Going to that URL in a browser will redirect to your external IP. 


But that doesn't get you very far because your router doesn't allow inbound traffic on most ports. So then you'll need to access your router, go to Port Forwarding (which may be under external access, or firewall, and it may be under an advanced setting), and tell the router that if traffic comes in on port 80 (http), to forward it to port 80 of the Synology server, which is on an internal IP address, probably or something. Then you need to open port 80 on the Synology firewall and have a server listening on port 80 (enable Web interface or install Apache or something). 


Badabing hit your domain and you'll see whatever your Synology serves on that port. 


Now you may want to not serve Synology's web ui on port 80, certainly that's not a great idea, since you log in to it. You should have already installed a certificate and be using https, maybe 443, maybe 5001. Let's say you're serving the web UI on port 5001 and you can hit your internal IP at that port ( or whatever) and get the web ui. Now you have to do the same thing: in the router, under port forwarding, tell it to forward port 5001 external to internal, and on the Synology box, open port 5001. Now you can hit "http://mylovely.ddns.host:5001" and get your Synology web ui from anywhere.


Hopefully that's what you're looking for.

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