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List of supported motherboards/chipsets?


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I have a Hackintosh. It was easy to build, as I had some recommended builds, but for XPEnology, the info is almost none.


There is a thread, but only 2-3 specific models + one generic info:


I am not sure if you are discussing with my previous released.

If yes, the generic answer are:


1.All MB storage controller newer than Intel ICH7 with AHCI mode. (not including ICH7/ICH7R). AMD platforms must newer than SB700 (including SB700)

2.Intel NIC driver base on e1000e.ko and e1000.ko or Realtek NIC driver base on r8168.ko.

3.AMI BIOS (nice to have)

4.MB support booting from USB Flash.


If meet to the rules, suppose all MB can work with my Repack version.


Note: ASMedia SATAII/III controllers are not supported by my previous Repack version.


"newer than Intel ICH7 with AHCI mode" - is a big secret for me!


Network is not a big problem, as you can always use an Intel 1000 card, but I think a list of MB chipsests would be great, like:


- b75

- nm70

- h61

- z77

- h77

- a68




Thank you!

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I report that is working on my new system:


Motherboard with processor included: GA-C1037UN-EU

* EU version has Passive cooling

Built in with an Intel® Dual-core Celeron® 1037U processor (1.8 GHz)

Intel® NM70 Chipset

2 x Realtek GbE LAN chips (10/100/1000 Mbit) - both working great

8 Gb RAM

2 x 500 Gb old seagae HDDs

1 SSD (disabled) with Windows, just in case (spare parts)

Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced Mini-ITX


I run XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.3 build 3810++ (repack v1.0)







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hmm - yes that one looks good.


I was actually thinking about Mentat's board and the fsb will probably be an issue with the PCI card.

This one should solve it. It is pricey , but still reasonable.

I can throw on a $67 54W 22 nm 3 GHz G3220. Ends up being $160 more.


Hopefully some BF deal can lower it... Not sure if I will use Link aggregation, but nice to have as well.


I understand the asrock ATOM boards work well with XPEnology, not sure why this would be different...



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