No boot drives!

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I have followed the instructions to the letter, VId/Pid, S/N, MAC etc and then burned the downloaded and customised image to the usb drive using rufus.  The problem is the pc just comes up with a "no boot devices found".  I have used the same usb drive in the same pc and it boots to ubuntu when I burn an ubuntu image on it,so I do not believe it is the usb drive.  I did this to find the mac address.


Serial port in activated etc.


I am trying to setup Xpenology on an old Tranquil SQA5H (originally used for Windows Home Server 1.0).  It is a 5 drive bay NAS chassis.  It used to run DSM 4.x a few years ago without any issues (using the same usb drive for booting).


Any help much appreciated.

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You may have to manually tell the BIOS to treat your USB stick as an USB-HDD.

That happened to me on one mainboard where I was testing XPE-compatibility (DFI LanParty P45-T3RSB).

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