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VMware ou Hyper-V, what's better choice ?


First of all, I apologize if I do a duplicate post (however, I did not see anything by looking "quickly done" the topics started recently)
I recovered a nice machine with 2 CPU in Xeon E5-2640.
I want on this machine host several virtual machines, including an XPEnology server.
My question is about the choice of the hypervisor and the OS that will host these VM ...
I am hesitating between :
- Installing VMware WK on a W8.1
- Installing Hyper-V on WServer2016
What do you think is the most effective, the most "compliant"?
What would be the right choice?
Thanks in advance =)

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I would go for ESXi hands down. It's much easier to setup and you can easily passthrough pci and usb devices as needed.

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