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Edit and save files (e.g. xls, doc) remotely on the NAS



Do I need to create single or multiple volume for this? To create multiple volumes can have the advantage of creating a volume and an iSCSI LUN. With the latter, if I understand well, it can be achieved that the LUN and the files on it can be accessed remotely from the internet like a drive on the PC.
How could I to remotely edit and save an excel file on the NAS as if it were on a PC drive. Do I need to create iSCSI LUN or rather VPN?
What if I do a single volume and I create iSCSI LUN for the whole area?

Thank you.

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have a look at Synologys tutorials on creating volumes, shared folders and luns and how to use them and setting up file services. also do some research into network drive mapping using windows/samba/nfs,  scsi connectors/drivers on your o/s.

probably the simplest method would be create a volume, create a shared folder, map or mount the drive in your o/s

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