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Single volume vs multiple volume




I'm trying to configure the NAS and create RAID that asks to choose between single or multiple volumes. I tried to find out what the difference was, but it is still not clear.

Config: HP Gen8, 4x3TB HDD RAID10, so it can not be expanded. DSM 6.1.3.

Single volume seems to be better since it accesses faster and I do not have to configure the size of the volume in advance.

In case of multiple volumes, if I need to increase a volume later, I do not know how to do this at the expense of other volumes. I read that it is easier to set access rights in case of multiple volumes, say, one volume contains public media content, the other one is backup, the 3rd one is VPN access.

What can I do on multiple volumes that I can't do on single one? For a single-volume configuration, can I make folders accessible by having public media on one folder, backup on the other, and VPN access on the 3rd?

Should I choose single or multiple volumes if I want to use the above features?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Multivolume can provide a little more flexibility with installed apps, though, if you are needing to rebuild a volume for some reason.  I like to put an old drive of some sort that is not included in any raid volume so I can move installed apps to it in the event I need to reconfigure the main volume for some reason.

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