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Upgrade from DSM 6.1-15047 Update 2 to latest on ESXi install?





Appreciate there is the very large topic on the Jun loader, but I've asked a number of times but so far had no response.  I want to upgrade from version DSM 6.1-15047 Update 2 to the newest version on my esxi install.  I've got the latest loader running but I recall reading that I would be unable to directly update due to needing to format the drives etc.  Can someone clarify I can simply hit update and all the data, including system setup, will remain intact to the latest version?





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well super member, if you were to read the threads you would have found your answer without making a new thread. This is the biggest problem with this forum, people want to get quick answers without reading. As a result there are thousands of threads that are useless and a waste of time for people who do read to wade through. It!s time the moderators delete all but a dozen threads of value, so the information people want can be found. I do see why you don!t want to waste your time reading this mostly outdated garbage. sorry.


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