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AMD question from a novice


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I am currently running a homebuilt server with an AMD A6 processor and have had DSM 6.0.2-8451 (previously DSM5) running for quite some time. I only realised after going down the AMD route that I would have been better using Intel but too late. The current setup works fine.


I see that the newer DSM releases (or the bootloader associated with the newer releases) do not support AMD which I can live with (as I don't really understand what that is all about). My question is do I need to do something about it? Can I just sit here happily on 6.0.2? Is it likely that AMD will become supported again in the future?


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In answer to your question, yes you can happily stay on 6.0.2 if it's working for you & you don't need any of the features in 6.1. I have 2 HPN54L (AMD) servers both of which were running 5.2 very happily until recently when I upgraded them both to 6.1.

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Have a read at the OP of Jun's topic. I added a PM he sent me about AMD. AMD is not entirely incompatible but it seems to be a hit or miss for some so as advised by others above yes it is best you stay on DSM 6.0.2 for now. You can always try the latest loader 1.02b and DSM 6.1.3 on a test drive first see how that works for you but overall I think you are not missing much other than small features and perhaps some security updates.

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