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How can I get Highpoint 620 working?

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I'm on DSM 5.2-5644 Update 5 on an N54L with the modded BIOS.


I've just added in a Highpoint 620 card to give me some extra ports, and by attaching a monitor to the N54L I can see that in the list of devices at boot the card is indeed listed as being present in the slot. In Xpenology itself though, there is no mention of the card at all. I thought (it would appear incorrectly!) that this would work in the Xpenology setup - any pointers as to anything I'm doing wrong please?



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Thanks but I can't get at the card Bios. If I disable quick boot so I can see the POST screen, I can see that the machine sees an ide controller in pcie 1,and has assigned IRQ 4 and 10 to it. I cannot for the life of me (spent an hour last night) get the card Bios prompt to appear though. Any ideas? 

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