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DSM Freeze/hang during Backup

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Hi all,


I have this xpenology running withing hyper-v. my build is


celeron j1800 itx(and other Mobo/CPU combos)


DSM 5.0-4493 (no update, and update 7 both tried)

3TB seagate hdd + 120GB hdd(running os)


Here is the problem, when I'm trying to do my bi-weekly backup, I found the file transfer would hang when the resource monitor sees the CPU load is 50%(out of 2 cores), and a prompty would pop up telling me some issue happens while transferring the file and I need to continue or cancel.


I observed this happening only when 1 core is at full load. And with no update, a process of samba would be stuck there taking 50% of cpu resources; and with update 7, that process will be killed by dsm itself, although the file transfer is still hanging there.


I am pretty sure this is due to the lack of CPU power because I have another setup (Athlon x2, amd 780G) and I underclocked the CPU and found the same freeze/hang happening and the file transfer rate is low(around 60Mbps), and when I tune up the CPU speed I found the file transfer speed up too, and when there is enough CPU power to fully feed the Gbps ethernet(getting around 110MB/s), the CPU load would never reach 50% and there would be no freeze/hang anymore.


I really don't mind that much if the copy/write speed is lower, but I hate this freeze. What can I do to get rid of this problem?


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As stated in the guidelines and rules: https://xpenology.com/forum/guidelines/



3. Pick the most appropriate title and tags (if any) for your post. A good title makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Using informative tags allows for improved searching of related topics.
4. Your topic does not deserve any more attention than others seeking help hence topic titles must reflect their content, and topic titles containing things like: 'please help' 'look here' 'urgent' or other inaccurate descriptions will be removed without warning. This includes all-caps titles.


I am renaming the topic. Next time I'll delete the topic straight away.

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