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ESXi: no hard disk spindown with DSM 6.x


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for quite a while I'm trying to find out why hard disks do not spin down after the set time with DSM 6.x and ESXi Hypervisor (6.0 or 6.5) using Jun's loader.

Hard disks are connected to a passthrough SATA Controller (onboard, also tried PCIe). Exactly one and the same setup is working bare metal, also with DSM 5.2 on ESXi. I even tried using a boot iso (as with DSM 5.2) that uses the passthrough USB boot stick (like with bare metal) instead of synoboot.vmdk/synoboot.img combination. No spindown, hdparm -y does a spindown, however disks wake up at once again. I can't see any differences in the logs between running bare metal or on ESXi.


Would appreciate any further ideas.

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3 hours ago, 463nt0ran63 said:

Where do you see the spin down? In the logs? If so in which exactly?

Spin down is not logged.

You can place a tick mark at the energy settings for logging the wakeups - however it's always logged in /etc/var/scemd.log


So I can't see the spin down but hear it.

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On 8/11/2017 at 3:26 PM, wer said:

Finally I found a working combination:

  • ESXi 6.5 Build 5969303
  • DSM 6.1-15101 (till Update 4)
  • Iso boot image that issues booting from USB stick (with Jun's 1.02)



Would the spin down not work if the boot image was on a VMDK off a datastore separate from the drives you were hoping to go to spin down? Or was the problem the DSM version? You are using the ISO version instead of the VMDK version, with esxi?


Thanks in advanced!

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