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How to clean install the latest loader v1.02b for DSM 6.1 on AMD machines through VNMWare Workstation


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 To prevent my AMD Nas keeps running on obsoleted DSM 6.0 forever, I formatted all HDDs, installed Windows 10 and VMWare Workstation 12 Pro on my AMD Nas to install new DSM 6.1.

I had downloaded the .ISO format from here (managed by Polanskiman) , but unfortunately it can't boot in new VM. I've done it before when I installed DSM 5.2. All I did in the past was add bios.bootOrder = “cdrom” at the second line of .vmx file. That's it. But this time, it didn't work anymore.

Does anyone know how to ,or where can i find the guide for the new loader V1.0.2b on VMWare Workstation?

Thank you.

I appreciate your prompt replies.


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Maybe take a look at the post on deploying on ESXi, I think you can deploy templates on Workstation in a similar way

Some things to check though :smile:


It was my understanding that the cpu of a hosted machine is the same as the hypervisor  (unlike the NIC and disk controllers that are software emulated) so if create a virtual machine xpe will still be amd processor based.


If you want to boot from cdrom then you may need to edit the iso image to include the vid/pid of the virtual cd rom drive


You could try booting with the workstations cdrom (if it has one) connected to the vm as a test - that will also show that the iso image is bootable


It may be easier to stick with 6.0.2 until there is a forum/dev bare metal amd solution - it still gets updates from Synology and the features of 6.0 and 6.1 are the same  


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