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So one of my HD died today went a picked up a new one same make model and space put. volume is repairing but i cant see any data I had the raid on SHR1

Is DSM complaining about wanting to also repair the operating system? Have you tried having a look with filestation?

I know for a fact if DSM crashes it can take down most other services until the OS and RAID show up green as a failsafe.

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17 hours ago, UNSC-117 said:

yes it is on shr1  as soon as i inserted disk hit repair and used that disk to repaird array  juns 1.02a 


I suggest you follow Polanskiman's guide on how to recover your data using Linux. Not sure why your array is in the state it's in.

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I found a similar guide backup data reinstall dsm. i found the cause of it also i filled all bays and somehow first drive starts at drive 6 so filling all 8 no rom for drive 13 which is what dsm saw it as and it crashed the volume.

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