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HP Gen 8 ( Hacked ILO and Optimal Bios Settings)


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Hi all

I love Xpenology and i will say thank you to all for the Hardwork some people ask me how it is possbile that the Gen8 can run silent with 6 - 13 % Fan speed.


I use a Modified ILO 1.32 and both server XEON and Celeron running since 3 years without any issue in a closed 19 Zoll Rack with this Modified ILO.

Also find the optimal BIOS settings for both Server in AHCI or RAID Mode.


Find the Download Link below:



Read the information in the txt carefull open in notepad for a good view.


1) install the orginal 1.30 ILO firmeware reboot

2) install the Modified ILO 1.32 

3) done enjoy the silence :-)








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I don't see a reason for a modified ILO.

On my Gen 8 Microserver with Xeon I run version 2.53 with ESXi 6.5.

Besides XPEnology I run a Windows 10 VM and my fans run between 12% & 15% and go a bit higher, when there is temporarily heavy load on the processor.

But, the fans are there to keep the system in an optimal temperature environment, so, I don't want to mess around with it. 


And 12% - 15% is quiet ... from my point of view :-)


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