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[ESXi] System goes in recovery after poweroff


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Hi, i'm testing the latest DSM version on ESXi 6.5 with the 1.02b loader, i got the VM up and running, first boot everything is ok and system does all the stuff to boot and install itself.

This is the log for the first boot, before install https://pastebin.com/s7yuweeA


This is the log after the first reboot, and everything looks normal to me https://pastebin.com/mH0gtxu8


This is the log after the second reboot, and all the reboots after this https://pastebin.com/EWsWQBk8


If i shut down the VM and restart it, this happens: https://pastebin.com/pjZH6z8W


Begin upgrade procedure
No upgrade file exists
End upgrade procedure
Exit on error [7] Version number not match...

and system goes in recovery, wants to fix via webui, than reboots fine everytime until i poweroff the VM.. after poweroff "Version number not match", fixes, reboots fine.

Anyone knows why it does this? Thank You :smile:

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On 2017. 7. 21. at 8:45 PM, pigr8 said:

Figured out myself yesterday, i had to change the bootloadet img from "indipendent - non persistent" to "indipendent - persistent" :smile:


I have same issue.

Pleas let me know how to change the bootloadet img . please

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