DSM 6.0.2-8451 - USB port not recognized

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Since I merge to dsm 6 i have some issues, yesterday was the 5th HDD which where not recognized (delete sataportmap from crug.cfg to resolved). Know I have an issue with usb drives.


On my HP proliant gen7 n54L, I have 6 usb port, 2 usb3.0 at back and 4 2.0 on front. Only 2 of them are working but they are detected has internal drives.


Could you please help me to setup right the synoinfo.cgf.



- esataportcfg='0x0'

- internalportcfg='0x2f'

- usbportcgf='0x3f'







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There are forum threads on the binary/hex calculation for ports which should help


you could try, because I recall that there should not be an 'overlap' between ports


- internalportcfg='0x002f'

- usbportcgf='0x3f00'


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