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No Network Connection after modem change



Hey Guys,


I have some serious problems.

We had a really bad weather here so the thunderbolt has choosen my house and killed my modem.

today i got an change everything comes online to normal.


But not my HP N40L with Xpenology 6 on it.

There is no downlink, i was wondering if this is a hardware error or an Software fail?

I tried changing network cable but same problem....

does anybody have an idea how to rescue my Datastorage ?

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you can connect a standard vga monitor and usb keyboard for testing the hardware

I would check all the hardware is working ok (with your drives disconnected !) and try booting with your xpe image. Once you know the server is 'ok' then reconnect your drives. No point buying a usb/network adapter if there is another hardware issue :smile:

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There are several ways to access the DSM file system if you search on line - it will depend on your settings, SHR or btrfs etc.

I would strip down the server of all components/drives then build it up gradually, if you can connect a monitor and keyboard that would help;

1) Check the PSU and that the unit powers on

2) Install memory module and retest boot

3) Use an Ubuntu live cd/usb to boot and see if that loads and you can access the network/internet

4) Reconnect drives and boot - maybe try reflashing your USB loader too


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ok i found out it is really the LAN Port which is gone.


Now i putted in a new compatible LAN Adapter.

IP-Adress seems to be DHCP.


But when i try to connect to it the browser says connection refused!


P.s. my Synology is Reachable per SSH and i get an connection!

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