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Abnormally slow transfer speed from NAS to local computer, super fast the other way


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Hello everyone,


I'm contacting you because I've been having some issues with my NAS speed for the past few months. This is causing stuttering when watching movies from the NAS on another computer, and generally slowing everything down.


The NAS is using a baremetal install of xpenology v6.It's running on an Atom D525 chip (not the fastest ever but I don't think it's a CPU issue ?)


The upload from the NAS to other computers on the network is ridiculously slow (I'd say 15-20 mbps)


I've tested uploading a file to the NAS from the computer and it's much faster by a great order of magnitude (I don't remember the exact numbers but I think I was getting more than 200 mbps.


My network is using gigabit switch and cables, which are apparently working since uploading the file to the NAS is so fast.


I've wondered if it could be my hard drive, so I've tested attaching a fast usb drive to the NAS, unfortunately the problem remains. If I try downloading a file from the external drive connected to the NAS on another computer, it's still doing so at 15-20 mbps...


I don't have a clue of what's causing the issue, has any of you guys encountered a similar problem in the past ?


Thanks in advance for you help

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2 hours ago, StanRex said:

It is indeed a Realktek NIC. I'll check resource manager but last time I checked there was no issue visible.


I've tried swapping the cables multiple times already but it didn't change anything :(

its strange how faulty cards can mess things up and make you over think..usually card or cable should be first line of attack :grin:

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Maybe check your router. The one from ISP doesn't tend to be any good.


I don't have realtek for some time so i don't know all the functions of ti. But i have bad experience with Killer NIC in my notebook. Trying to be "smart" driver has to be un-smarted :grin: 

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