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HP n54l DSM 6.0 UPS support fix

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On 7/8/2017 at 7:20 AM, fjf said:

I just want to point out that this fix WORKS!:







I am more interested in knowing how we can use the existing USB (so many on-board) ports.Is this installing add in USB 3 card temporary?


Because I am using the PCI-e ports already for cards.



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19 hours ago, ordimans said:

The other solution is to add driver of USB1.1 compatiblity in N54L.
During the 4.3 time, it was already necessary...


do you , or any one else knows how to add USB 1.1 UPS driver to N54L ? I am running Xpeno 6.1..



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synogeek:  No, this card is here to stay; it gives me USB 3 and UPS compatibility support, plus I was not using the PCI slots.

ordimans:  Thanks for the links.  However the post is old and refers to a lower DSM version.  Unless someone posts the procedure for microservers and DSM 6, I would not want to break my install and lose access to my files.

In short: if you have a free PCI slot, that card is not expensive and WORKS!!.  Now I can wait for a new boot procedure for 6.1.

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36 minutes ago, ordimans said:

You are right.
But i think it's same method, just need to find driver compiled for this kernel.

But i don't know why, but loader 1.01 with 6.02 my UPS doesn't work on USB of N40L.
Now with the new loader custom for AMD (1.02b) it's working...


Did you compile 1.02b? If referring Khile's bootlader is 1.02a, isn't it?

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