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Failed recovery after usb loader change

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Hi All

This is info/warning about changing boot loaders serial/mac.


My test rig with 102b loader updated to 6.1.2-15132.

I created a new loader with different serial/macs for test purposes

On booting the box came up with the new sn/macs in Assistant - DSM 6.1-15407 and 'Recoverable'

Trying 'Recovery' the system instantly times out and goes off the network

Reverting to the original boot loader everything is ok

Making a boot loader with the original sn/macs - system is 'Recoverable' DSM 6.1-15407 - Recovery works and reboots to 6.1.2-15132


There is perhaps some internal tie up between serial/macs and a given installation.


So the advice would be to make sure you keep a copy of your working sn/macs boot loader to be able to reflash USB and changing sn/mac may not be an option after install/updates.





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Ok so I think I've found the problem - which is another learned thing


I purchased a box of 5 cheap 1gb USB sticks to use as boot loaders, all identical and branded the same. BUT on investigation the vid/pid of the new stick I used was different to the working ones. Editing to the correct vid/pid and I could recover and got the new sn/macs


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