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network issues


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Just recently started trying to set up.

I'm using Virtualbox on win 7.

I'm having problems in the second stage of synology assistant.


Problem is network related.

It seems the synology assistant always needs to change the IP settings either from fixed to DHCP or vice versa.

Assistant finds virtualbox synology.

Then proposes either fixed or DHCP, whatever I do, in the next step connection is ALWAYS lost and install fails..


I have followed this http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3 guide.

Either bridging or not (plenty of rebooting to avoid problems) the problem remains the same.


Can anyone help out?

Is there any way to do an install using fixed ip's to avoid problems? (I have disabled firewall on win 7)




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Hi, thanks for posting.


Yes, i did set the MAC address. Furthermore the synology assistant does see the vm AND can connect to it.

It just seems so that (don't know why..) the assistant imperatively needs to modify the ip settings. (It even throws an error if you try to keep the same IP)

So what basically happens is that the assistant connects to the xpenology, does or tries to change ip settings, and then the connection is lost..

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