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Hard Disk Numbering VS Motherboard port numbers




I need someone to explain me why the hardware ports are different than the numbers in storage manager...

found out the hard way (glad i had raid 6) as i had to replace disk 2 as of DSM reported.

So i removed Hardware port 1 Disk and found out i had removed disk 6 according to dsm.

As off now, the only way i can identify a hard disk is by checking the serial number.... I guess DSM writes on disk the info but don't have any match on the hardware controller.


Maybe @Polanskiman can give me some info? 


also i need some clarifications on some red errors i am getting on dmseg


1 . invalid raid superblock magic on sda3 - sdx3  does not have a valid v0.90 superblock, not importing

2 . BTRFS has skinny extents

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My experience with HDD numbering is that onboard controllers are generally 1-n and add-on controllers will be n+1 to n+x. If you are using multiple add on controllers the numbering will be based on how the PCI slots the cards are in are interpreted by the bios/xpe. In addition, the sata/sas channels on the add on card might not be logical to the HDD numbers in XPE/DSM. There are a lot of depedencies based on your unique hardware setup.


For example in one of my setups with a Marvell 8 port SAS/SATA add on card, On-board sata 1-4 = DSM HDD 1-4; Marvell ports 0-3 = DSM HDD 9-12; Marvell ports 4-7=DSM HDD 5-8.

I learned about this the hard way too - like you once pulling the wrong drive, so my workaround was to label the sata leads to the controllers to match DSM Storage Manager details and label the drives with the last 4 characters of their serial numbers so I could trace them correctly. 

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Also from my experience, that's why I prefer using bare metal in which I can see SMART with sn on each drive that matches sn on the label I put on each physical drive. So, every time DSM alarms a hard drive issue, I just look for its sn and then pull out the physical drive with a label accordingly.

Because we're using our own hardware, do not suppose DSM writes on disk the info that matches on the hardware controller(s).

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