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What Network Card


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Some more info about your setup could help decide and get advice

If you are running a hypervisor on the bare metal Thinkserver  then adding any compatible card for that should allow you to do what you need, allocating a vswitch/nic to your virtual XPE/DSM. The same is true if you are running XPE/DSM and that as a hypervisor, but your nic would have to be compatible and edit the grub etc if you want more ports on the DSM install

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50 minutes ago, randall8686 said:

Im Running DSM on the bare metal. straight from a USB, Machine is a Lenovo think server TS140 with a Xeon Quad core. nothing fancy at all


all i want to do is run a VM ideally all over the built in NIC 


so your planning to run Xpenology provisioned as a VM?


Not sure if this is what your trying but if you are trying a IOMMU or Direct Pass thru ESXI (to your NAS xpenology VM) you need to make sure your hardware / motherboard supports that.

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44 minutes ago, randall8686 said:

when i try to create a virtual switch it says no network interface available 

how many NIC total you have in your system? ideally for ESXI you gotta have atleast 2+ nic's


for Management(preferably separte vlan / IP subnet) and then your VMs'' IP


why dont you get a QUAd pci-e NIC they are just like $30-40 bucks or cheaper if you hunt on ebay.


are you trying to pass thru the NIC?

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OK so i have it working :smile: modified the grub file so there is a total of 4 Mac addresses yet DSM see's all 5. Im getting this message creating a VM i have tried modifying the subnet in network as you can see. any idea's ? 



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