Update from 5.2 to 6.1.1 - no free space

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Hi, I'm running on old loader and 5.2 FW, I would like to go to 6.1.1 on the newest loader, It boots up correctly, recognize that I have disks from old device and ask to migrate.

I want to migrate and keep all data however it states that there is no free disk space :shock: can you help what to check? I do not find any topics with this issue.

I'm running Synology Hybrid Raid if this is important, double 3T drives and 2T still available,

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I've not experienced this error but it might be because of your SATA settings (AHCI/IDE etc). I would try a migration/upgrade to 6.0.2 loader/DSM first which might be an easier process as the jump in boot loader/DSM versions is lower so less chance of compatibility/architecture changes. Make sure you have all your data backed up whatever you do. 

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