DSM_5.2-5644 black screen on boot after installing PAT file

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I just installed Xenoboot5.2-5664 on my Esxi 6.0 U1 server

by following this guide



Upon installation of XPEnoboot DS3615xs5.2-5644.5 (Using the ISO to boot) i was able to login to the synology initial configuration page ( i located the ip trough my router)

moving on, From the GUI it will ask you to manual install the DSM firmware and i selected the DSM_5.2-5644.PAT file. From here the system formats and loads loads up the firmware. after that it will reboot the system to complete the installation.


So now when it reboots, the whole system just gets stuck at a black screen showing a small non blinking white Cursors ( Find attached)


I need some help here as it seems that it just dies once i upload an install the .PAT firmware file.

I've tried it with other versions as well ( VM version 11 compatible for esxi 6 and vm version 10 for exsi 5.5), including the one identical to the guide ( with the only difference is that i'm running it on esxi rather then virtual box) and all of them leads back to the same conclusion.


Once the PAT firmware in installed and the system reboots it just hangs there.



anyone can help me here? as im planing to set up this to share ISCSI LUN to my servers 




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