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HELP. Upgraded Jun's to 6.1-15047. Cannot get into DSM

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OK I did not read directions fully. Had it working then upgraded to 6.1-15047. I have another Synology (real one) where I can move the drives to and update to 6.1-15047 then downgrade. Is there a better way? Cannot get PC to boot up with USB in place. Hangs and then I post a number of times with/without drives connected. Someone have easy instructions to fix. THANK YOU!!

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Disconnect all drives/USB

Reset BIOS to 'defaults'

Setup BIOS to 'XPE requirements' eg AHCI etc

Set first boot device to USB and disable all other devices

Boot with USB only (no drives connected) and see if your box appears in Syno Assistant


If all the above is ok then reconnect drives and retry

You might need to 'migrate' and reinstall DSM .pat file

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OK, so was able to get things to boot right to 1.02b loader. It then wanted me to recover the disk drives as I am on 6.1-15047. It goes thru a reboot and I can see Jun's splash screen BUT I cannot access software via web page after restore. Please let me know how I force a new install or whatever to get this back on line.


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