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replicate from 5.2 to 6.1


Hi All,

First off thanks for all who are helping make the xpenology available.  Great work. 

I'm a bit cautious about upgrading so I have decided to work with two xpen boxes.  I have one that is at 5.2 and rather than risk it becoming corrupted with an upgrade I have a second 6.1 xpen box.  I have assumed it is easy to mirror or replicate data from one to the other and this is the way I was expecting to safely move to a newer version.  Any recommendations of which apps or how this can be accomplished?  Hoping someone has good insight into this.  If no answers appear in the next few days I will start experimenting and see what happens.

Once the 6.1 has the data safely loaded I will experiment with upgrade the 5.2.

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If there isn't that much data, SMB folders copying data from one NAS to the other?

Else one of those Backup utilities in the Package Centre?

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