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Hello Everyone,

I was hoping someone can help me.

I currently have a Synology 1815+ and a 1813+. but since both units are fairly slowish compared to a few QNAPs that I've seen, I am thinking of taking on a challenge and maybe building my own. I have no idea where to even start.


Which items would I need?






Anything else?


Are there any discussions or lists of how to build one of these units? 

I would ideally like for it to be as compact as possible. I have about 8-12 of the 8TB WD Red Drives to utilize for this project, so I would really appreciate some help in getting this accomplished :smile: 

I want something with an i7 processor for max potential.

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i guess you should specify the max. dimensions you hahe in mind (if there are any) maybe it hast to fit somewhere and there is a mx high or depth

does it have to be quiet (living room), does it have to look good - most 19" rack server are good for the das but will be no fit for the livingroom


dependent on that it will deduce the options for the mobo size (no full atx?)

also to keep in mind is the option for a 10 gbit nic, together with a lsi 8port sas controller you may need a board with 2 pcie slots or one of the two options has to be onboard, if going with a 8port controller the sata onboard count has to be 4 to reach the 12 ports


maybe just google a little for nas builds (some portals have a hardware section where people show/describe there hardware) maybe try freenas

you will get a idea and imagination of what is possible and what the costs are


up to 8 is usualy easy 12 is much more chalanging it has to be compact or hot swap and silent

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Hello All,


Well I would ideally like to have it in a small closet in the office which I just installed a suction fan in in order to suck out hot air. 

I have 2 of the synology servers in there now. I would like something as compact, but not sure where to start. 12 drive support is awsome, but size is compromised with that many HDDs. 

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if hotswap is optional then a Streacom F12C might be an option

as i decided for my build hotswap is optinal and low noise and size is more important (depth had to be <40cm), i use a modyfied desktop case Silverstone SST-GD09B, 10 disks was start with the option of 2 additinal disks (11 installed yet) - its a very tight fit and if a disk is to change it takes a littel effort but as this happens 1 or 2 times in 5-6 years (HGST drives are riliable) its ok

as the desktop case is mini-itx for the board and one pcie slot is to expect the storage or 10gbit has to be onboard, i useed a ASRock C2550D4I (12xsata), but as you are planing for a i7 (or its xeon counterpart) it has to be something different

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