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Problems after replacing network card


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I had to update my network card as the old one died. Unfortunately this seems to have changed PCI slot assignments and the NAS no longer thinks the hard drives are in the same place and is coming up with this message:

"We've detected that the hard drives of your current DS3615XS have been moved from a previous DS3615XS, and installing anew DSM is required before continuing"

Obviously I can't install a new DSM so is there any way around this? Or do I have to start from scratch?


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Thanks SBV3000, I just assumed it would automatically download from the web, so great info. However I wonder if this will this work for an ESXI install, where I've modified the number of slots in the NAS to reflect my 24 bay NAS?


I did that after I installed it by logging in with puTTY and changing one of the config files.. I'm hoping that info isn't hard coded into the DSM.



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If you migrate/keep settings it will reinstall the DSM version and overwrite your synoinfo back to 12 drives, so your 24 bay system will degrade/crash. I've had this problem myself with a 20 drive setup.

However once the server is up you can change the config to 24 drives and after a reboot the raid should be reassembled. You will probably need to do a lengthy disk/file system check.

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