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I've been running jun's loader v1.02a for a few months.  Everything has been fine until I decided to install the latest update.  After I tried installing, I can't connect any longer.  I thought this wasn't a big deal and I just reinstalled the latest loader on a flash drive.


I'm now on v1.02b with a ds3516.  I can get the initial boot.  I get the option to recover (only option) and I proceed.  After the system reboots, I can't connect again.  I then try ds3617.  I get the option to migrate.  Let the system do it's thing and it reboots... I can't connect.


Any hints?



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Before applying any brand new updates always search the forum for issues with this version. Many (brave) users post their experience with new versions of DSM and it's updates. 


The reason for your problem is described here: 

If you have important files on your NAS I recommend to backup these files first. You can boot from a live linux, mount the data partitions and backup your stuff. After that you can retry your "old" V1.02a flash drive and copy the files on your system partition(s) from




You can do this either with a serial connection or with a live linux. Both ways are described in the above linked topic.

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