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SATA BIOS settings on X58A-UD3R (or in general)


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Hi, been using xpenology for many years on baremetal (and have a real syno DS410). Recently thought I'd give an old build-a-box a go, it's on a GA X58A-UD3R. 


Main question is, in the BIOS, I have an "ICH SATA Control Mode" which IIRC has values "IDE", "AHCI" or "RAID", and "SATA Port0-3 Native Mode" with values "Enabled" or "Disabled". The tip for Disabled says something about legacy IDE so I set that to Enabled. Does anyone have guidance on these settings?


This mobo has 3 SATA (and one eSATA) interfaces: South Bridge (6xSATA 3Gb/s supporting RAID 0/1/5/10), Marvell 9128, and GA SATA2 chip, but I've disabled the Marvell and the GA SATA connectors in the BIOS. I don't really understand how Syno RAID works, I assume there has to be an Intel South Bridge driver on the xpenology stick but after that I don't understand how the Synology OS builds the RAID, if it uses it's own software or uses the ROM on the mobo or what.


So far I set the control mode to IDE and Synology Assistant seems to install the OS OK, but I'm concerned it won't build the RAID right.



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I should have mentioned I'm using jun's 1.01 loader with a saved copy of the 6.0 8451 3615xs pat that I have running on my other xpenology bare metal.


After looking through the forum it seems the SATA control mode should be AHCI. I did try RAID and IDE. However, even in AHCI mode, I'm in a "Recover" loop. No matter what I choose on the xpenology loader screen (vanilla, install, force install), find.synology.com reports a DS that can be recovered, I get one option to Recover, it briefly installs something and reboots the xpenology, and if I hit find.synology.com again, it says the exact same thing.


Do I need to consider wiping the two HDs in the box? I'm a little stuck on options or what the problem is. Thanks.

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Ok I used a linux livecd to reset the disks (gparted utility), set the SATA controller to AHCI mode, booted jun's 1.01 in "reinstall" mode and it all worked. Coulda saved myself some time if I had it in AHCI mode first.

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