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My current setup => Q9400 + 4gb ram + 5x4tb / boot through Nanoboot DSM-5.0 cdrom / version DSM 5.0 4482
I would like to update my xpenology configuration to use crash plan or backblaze.

How can I do this best? Do I just have to download and install dsm6.0 via the gui?
Do I need a new version of Nanoboot? My system can only boot through the nanoboot cdrom.
Thanks in advance.
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Once you are on DSM 6.X you can use Amazon Drive and setup individual folder sync or hyperbackup tasks.

I've used Crashplan on DSM5.2/6 and I found it needed a lot of manual configuration to work (which it does really well) and to maintain. Unlimited Amazon drive and Crashplan are about the same cost.

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