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I've been running my 11 disk Xpenology DS for roughly a month with excellent consistency and performance until on of my disks, disk 3 "Disk Plugged Out" and then "Disk Plugged in" 12 minutes later. This resulted in having to rebuild. Took roughly 26 hours to rebuild which is far superior to the 7 days it took on the Synology hardware. I'm just wondering if this is common? I was using a 500 watt EVGA 80+ PSU. I ordered a second PSU to run disks 8 - 16 going forward. 

Disk 3 has no bad sectors and has 7500 hours on the clock so I don't think this was a disk issue. 

Opinions on;

  • Do you think this was a Synology software issue?
  • Do you think this was a Xpenology issue?
  • Do you think this was a PSU issue?
  • Should i flash the LSI Sata cards to IT mode?
  • Do you think this was something else; any other hardware issue or just an anomaly?



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I also use a LSI sata card on ESXi. I've not encounted "Disk Plugged out" before, but I also have those "An I/O error occurred..." error messages on a particular drive. However, it's always the same slot, not the drive apparently. However, haven't seen that error in a few month now.

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I've had this on my real DS1812+ and xpe with Seagate disks. When its happened it was an early sign of disk failure - regardless of uptime. In my case I took out the disk and did a thorough test with hdat which picked up bad sectors, mostly in the lower blocks. I did a repair with hdat and the disk seemed to be fine for a few weeks but then it went bad very quickly so I had to replace. Even though the drive was 'repaired' by hdat first time, when I tried it again it was beyond fixing. I use toshiba disks now as they seem more reliable than seagate and 2 year warranty :smile:

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