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Virtual Machine Manager 2nd Network

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I'm planning to use Virtual Machine Manager on my XPenology System (latest version). But as far as I know you have to have 2 network interfaces. Is that true? And no way around that?

I'm using a consumer motherboard with only one ethernet interface.


I don't really get why you need that second ethernet interface to run virtual machines. Does VMM not have support for a network bridge?


I hope someone who is already running this can clarify that for me.



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Yeah, as far as I can tell, it requires the 2nd interface, since it binds one NIC for management traffic (clustering), and the other NICs are for VM traffic. I don't think there's any reason why they couldn't do it all on 1 NIC, but requiring at least two means they can guarantee that VM traffic won't affect cluster traffic (and access to DSM itself), and vice versa.


Would be kinda nice if they had an option to disable clustering, so you could run in single host mode, but I think this is designed mainly for the SMB side of things, and they probably want to get rid of as many points of failure as possible.

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