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enabling jumbo frames via ESXi makes 3211++ unreachable?


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Hey guys,


I test this twice on two fresh installs just to make sure it was the problem :


ESXi 5.1 U1

Fresh Trantor 1.2 (3211++) build

VMXNET3 in ESXi My vSwitch is set to 9k jumbo frames, the physical adapters are as well, and so is my switch (which also has LAG enabled and seemingly functioning with no issues).


If I go into Networking in Xpenology, and I the single Network connection to "Enable Jumbo Frame. The MTU is 9000", I apply it, and as the network restarts, I completely lose

access to the Synology OS. The DS Assistant finds it, however when I attempt to load it just waits a few minutes and then fails to load.


Now, I don't know if this issue is caused by Xpenology or my ESXi config.


My vSwitch is configured as :


vSwitch0 = 1 NIC, set to Management Only


vSwitch1 = Dual Port Intel GigE Nic, running in LAG mode, and reserved for my VM's only (24 ports, MTU:9000) > Cisco SG200-08 (2 port LAG in Static Mode).


vSwitch2 = 1 NIC set to Management Only as an offline backup (I don't really need it, but I set it up this way just in case), I also don't have enough ports on my switch to populate it with a physical connection.


I'm not really sure if I need Jumbo frames but I was just testing the feature, and thought I'd mention this, in case anyone else finds their 'Nology being completely un-responsive.




Also, a Side question :


Does anybody know the MAC addresses for the other 3 NICs from an actual 3612xs ? Reason I ask, is I figure if I add a second NIC in ESXi with the other MAC address, I can enable LAG in the VM (Have no clue if this will benefit anything or not though...)

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Hm that sounds like my issues back in the days of my 508 initial setup (trying Link Aggregation)- in the end it was my switch not supporting the proper LAG setup typology - it supported one variant but bot the other (Synology way).

Have you checked with synology webpage Switch setup for the way they want it?

Just b/c ESX/Switch can talk with ur used LAG variant doesnt mean its the Synology way;)


I can (and will for my own sake) try to replay your scenario when i've setup my env here (dell switch though), but might take a couple of days until i am done...


i.e. try unsetting the LAG and do Jumbo Frames first (separating the possible causes)

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