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Upgraded to 6.1 by error (HELP TO NOT LOSE DATA)



Hi!!! One month ago I wanted to use my server (an HP Proliant + XPEnology) and when I accessed through the Assistant it show me a disk error or degradation of volume (I do not remember) and that I had to repair. I gave it to repair and at the end I always receive the same message that it can not connect to the server.


I have 4 HDs on the server. No matter how I repeat the operation I always receive the same message.


If someone could help me I would appreciate it.


(I have tried to start only with a disk, and toggle the operation with each of them and nothing)


It looks like it was upgraded to 6.1. I do not know how it could be updated ... no idea ...


I have the following error:




• Both using Synology Assistant and going to search the server for the browser, will always tell us that the server status is "Recoverable".

We try to "recover" and upon restart we will always say the same thing again. You should avoid finding one version in the bootloader and another version of DSM on the disks.


I DONT KNOW THE EXACT SOLUTION to not lose data from the disks

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