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Reindex PhotoStation folder(NFS) in DSM 6

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i mount photostation folder with NFS,when i update to dsm 6.1,photostaion cannot reindex remote folder.

i have a ideal to solve this problem , and it is WORK.


My device is HP Gen8,and host system is esxi 6.5 and there are 3 virtual machines running on Gen8

DSM 5.2/DSM 6.1/Win 2016,DSM 5.2 and DSM 6 mount folder with NFS.


the DSM 6.1 cannot reindex photo folder,it lead to database of photostation have no any record.So i dump the record from DSM 5.2,then

import to DSM 6.1,and photostation is work!

#DSM 5.2 dump data

sudo su postgres

pg_dump -U postgres  photo  > /volume1/basic/e/photo.sql 

#DSM 6.1 import data
dropdb photo  //delete database

createdb photo  //create database

psql -U postgres  photo   < /volume1/basic/e/photo.sql 


details info i share in my blog

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