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Access denied to /photo/ directory


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I've been using Photo Station for a long time. When uploading photos I could either upload them using the web interface or just copy them into the /photo/ directory. This has generally been working great on DSM 5, but for some reason this doesn't seem to work anymore on DSM 6. While I had no issues after migrating, now none of my user except admin can get access to /photo/. When trying to change the permissions I'm told that permissions needs to be set using PhotoStation. I've tried with both DSM accounts and PhotoStation accound with no luck.


Any ideas on how I can give users access to /photo/ and make sure permission issues doesn't stop PhotoStation from converting media?


Updated: Looks like this is the issue:

If I choose DSM accounts users can get access to /photo/, but are not allowed to copy images to shared (password protected) albums. They are for some reason grayed out with a yellow lock. If I choose PhotoStation accounts however, I can set a users as being an admin who is allowed to copy images into a password protected album. The issue is that now the DSM user won't be allowed access to the /photo/ directory.


This is a silly design, so I guess my core question is... how can you allow people to upload photos to a password protected album when using DSM accounts? :smile:

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I had a weird issue with access myself with download station not seeing all folders after i migrated.

What fixed it for me was to remove the tick on the shared folders under advanced permissions for "Enable advanced share permissions" tick box. After this I could access all folders as admin again.


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