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[SOLVED] Adding Packages?

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Hi all


well after a whole bunch of messing about getting this to work on a Thinkserver im in and volumes created :grin:


however how do i install packages? all im getting is connection failed please check network settings when in package center. I have added http://packages.synocommunity.com as a source but still have nothing to install.


Im trying to install plex and surveillance center


any tips?

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so should this one :smile: I just installed 6.02 and 6.1.1u4 on my spare lenovo thinkserver TS140 this weekend, and on both installs, I had no issue seeing all of the synology packages in the package center. either there is something temp wrong with their service, or you have something wonky with your build IMO. I can't get my 10gig cards to work, but the package centre was stable :smile:

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ok downloaded and working from synology website. annoyingly package center still not working. Everything else is. Any tips on camera licences ? although one of my new cameras has just gone belly up :sad:


For package center to work, make sure the DNS in DSM is the same as the DSN on your router >>> https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopi ... 7&start=15


As for camera licenses it is entirely up to you but please know that using Surveillance Station on non-Synology hardware is already a breach of the service agreement and thus there is no warranty that purchasing those licenses will work. If it does work there is no warranty it will be permanent.

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