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I previously had two virtual hosts running on my server - HP ProLiant Gen8 running XPEnology DSM 5.2


I then did a fresh install of DSM 6.1.1-15101 and am now struggling to get it to work.


I have a domain name - mydomain.com and a Dynamic DNS service from No-IP.com pointing myddns.ddns.net back to my external IP address.


I have configured External Access in Control Panel to update the my ip address at No-IP.com


I have then enabled "Personal Website" in Web Station and created a Virtual Host - Host Name = mydomain.com, Port 80/443 enabled, Port HTTP=5000, Document Root=web\mydomain


I have an index.html file in the \web root folder and a different index.html in the \web\mydomain subfolder.


When I access www.mydomain.com from a browser, it displays the index.html from the root folder.


Why is the virtual host not working?

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