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Howto upgrade from 6.0.2 to 6.1.1 on bare metal

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So I wanted to make sure I verified this before doing it.


I should be able to upgrade from 6.0.2 to 6.1.1 by creating a new USB drive with Jun's loader 1.02a and then going through migration assistant on find.synology.com . Does anyone know of any issues ? I have tried reading through some of the other threads but they have so many pages and are hard to sort. thanks!

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Highlights of the upgrade procedure:


- Burn the loader image v1.02a (or v1.02a2 according to your needs) onto a usb key.

- Turn off your NAS and remove the usb key with v1.01 from it.

- Plug in the newly created usb key with v1.02a(2)

- Boot and search your box with Synology Assistant

- Follow the instructions on screen to migrate.


That is the general upgrade procedure, nevertheless I don't recommend it just yet specially if you are on a AMD platform. If you want to try it at least make yourself (and the community) a favour do it on a test drive first to make sure it works on your machine.

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