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DSM 6.0.2 loader Issue - Nas Gone After Updated - Help!!!

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I couldn't wait till Jun launches out DSM V1.02a for AMD bare metal.

Today, I might as well decide to use V1.01 to build an AMD Nas. Everything looked fine during the setup until it asked me to update.

Checked Polanskiman's tutorial and found he said "You can then proceed and update DSM 6.0 up to DSM 6.0.2-8451 update 11".

Once again, I followed him and downloaded DSM 6.0.2-8451 update 11 http://from here viewtopic.php?f=2&t=33043 (Critical Updates specifically for DSM 6.0.2 can be found here - the last line for U11). And of course, I picked the correct model DS3615xs.

Unfortunately after I manually updated to U11 from the .pat file I downloaded, my Nas now can't be seen from the network anymore. Doesn't matter how hard I tried such as "force install", "hard boot",... it's completely gone. :oops:

Have you guys seen this issue before? I really need your help and much appreciate it. :sad:


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Thanks Polanskiman. Re-imaging usb key let me see the Nas back with "Migratable" status.

But under "Migratable", all my settings are gone even a server (Nas) name and I cannot change it back.

In this case, I'd better re-format all my 12 HDDs and re-build a new Nas from beginning.

It costs me time a lot to re-build and therefore, for those who are going to build a AMD Nas like me, BE CAREFUL. You'd better wait for Jun's V1.02a for AMD or just stay where you're at DSM 6.0.2 (or DSM 5.2). Do not update and you're warned.

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