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Possibly failed update - Fixed by copying drivers?



I've noticed a number of posts recently where people say they attempted an update, but afterwards the system was unreachable, but if they copy the drivers from the update folder to the drivers folder it appears to fix it?


I've had similar problems on my G8 a number of times - the update appears to go fine but then the system just vanishes from the network. Usually I end up doing a fresh install and migrating my data, which works fine.


Do we know why some updates are failing in this way, and why specifically the copying fixes it?



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Sure, I realise they aren't being copied for some reason, but wondered if we knew why, or if anything could be done in the bootloader to fix it?


Could we add another grub option to do specifically run a script to do the copying? Not a fix as such but it might make it easier to recover systems in that state.

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