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SHR - available in Xpenology


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I recently built a XPEnology NAS salvaging redundant parts from my previous rig. ASUS X79 Sabertooth Mobo with 32gb DDR3 and a I7 4820. I also through a LSI 8 ports Sata PCI in there.


I set her up, installed XPEnology and all went well, super easy.


Before migrating my 9 disk SHR 2 array which is currently in an official Synology box I wanted to test SHR 1 in my new XPEnology box using 2 5tb drives i have laying around. Upon attempting to create a raid, SHR was not an option.


Do i need to do something specific to allow me to use SHR or is it now obsolete when creating new arrays?


I should still be able to migrate my SHR array correct?


Do i need to be on the same exact DSM version when migrating?



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A quick search would have yielded the following:


SHR is not available on 3615xs and all high end models of Synology. You can however activate it:


SSH with admin

input your password

elevate rights by doing:

sudo -i

input your password again

you are now root

edit the synoinfo.conf file with vi or nano if you have it installed. I prefer nano it's easier to use. You can install it through the community package center

vi /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf


nano /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf

comment out/delete


then add


Save the file. Refresh the page. You are done. Preferably reboot.

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