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I recently built a XPEnology NAS salvaging redundant parts from my previous rig. ASUS X79 Sabertooth Mobo with 32gb DDR3 and a I7 4820. I also through a LSI 8 ports Sata PCI in there.


I set her up, installed XPEnology and all went well, super easy.


Before migrating my 9 disk SHR 2 array which is currently in an official Synology box I wanted to test SHR 1 in my new XPEnology box using 2 5tb drives i have laying around. Upon attempting to create a raid, SHR was not an option.


Do i need to do something specific to allow me to use SHR or is it now obsolete when creating new arrays?


I should still be able to migrate my SHR array correct?


Do i need to be on the same exact DSM version when migrating?



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A quick search would have yielded the following:


SHR is not available on 3615xs and all high end models of Synology. You can however activate it:


SSH with admin

input your password

elevate rights by doing:

sudo -i

input your password again

you are now root

edit the synoinfo.conf file with vi or nano if you have it installed. I prefer nano it's easier to use. You can install it through the community package center

vi /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf


nano /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf

comment out/delete


then add


Save the file. Refresh the page. You are done. Preferably reboot.

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Anyone know why official SHR support is so flaky? Is there a reason why Synology don't support it on some of their high end devices?


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Stay on topic. The topic is how to make SHR available. The question has already been answered.

The subsequent questions have been answered already in other threads in the forum. Please use the search tool.

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