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WOL on DSM6 - Jun loader



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Well, on my configuration with previous DSM versions I had a problem to successfully use WoL but with 6.x.x I can finally use it.


Once you've confirmed that you can use WoL just with plain shutdown/power off (not via DSM) you can turn it on in DSM @ Control Panel > Hardware & Power > General > Enable WOL on Lan X


For example I have two XPEnology machines running.

On one (my main rig) I'm able to use WOL outside DSM via BIOS but until v6.x I couldn't use WOL in conjunction with DSM software shutdown.

On the other (test rig) I'm not able to use WOL outside the DSM and I'm not able to use WOL after I use software shutdown via DSM.


Hope it makes at least a little sense.


For either you will need the right settings in BIOS and the 'real' MAC address of your chosen LAN port.

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ok... "etherwake" no longer works. the command "Synonet" is what you want to be using now to have the NAS wake other devices. it got broken in an earlier patch but seems ok again now.


In task scheduler you set up a use script and the format would be:


synonet --wake XX:XX:XX:XX:XX eth0

where eth0 is the Ethernet port being used (I don't think it's the target Ethernet port but the one on the nas)

if you have bonded NIC ports use "Bond 0" instead.



synonet --wake [MAC address] eth0

or if you have a bond:

synonet --wake [MAC address] bond0

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